MaryAda’s Going To College!!!!

Greetings, My Name is MaryAda Horton. I am a senior at Largo High School in Prince Georges County. In my last year at high school as colleges have started to accept me there are lots of things that…

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Autumn’s Dream

Hi my name is Autumn and I am a 16 year old junior. My dream is to become a Forensic Scientist one day and make my mother…

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HELP High School Seniors Achieve A College Education

In its 23rd year, L’Elegance Cotillion-Beautillion is a program designed for college-bound high school seniors to encourage and enhance their educational, cultural, spiritual, civic and social development. The six-month program mission is three-pronged. …

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One More Hurdle to Clear: The Maryland Bar Exam

While graduating law school is an accomplishment in and of itself, the journey doesn’t stop there for me. As with most professions, there is an examination I must successfully complete before gaining admittance to practice of law.…

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College Student seeking funds to stay in school

While I was interning in New York this past summer, I learned that my father had been laid off. Needless to say, my financial situation has changed a lot since then.

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Funds For AP Exams

Greetings, my name is Oyinda Akinnusi, I am 15 years currently a junior in high school. This year I am taking three AP classes and will also be taking the exams this spring and the SAT. I have set my fund to $500 and with the money funded I will be able to pay for the exams. It will mean a lot for the donations made, I hope to pass my exams this year.

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“I’m Monica Watts” My name is Monica Watts and I am a Benedict College alumni. I’M NOW SEEKING SUPPORT AND HELP FOR Graduate School…

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Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Our vision is for entrepreneurship education to be an integral part in the educational development of all youth, especially those that are at a disadvantage and least likely to have access to sufficient entrepreneurship education resources.

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