Jazmine’s Dream

Hello supporters!  My name is Jazmine Monae Brooks and I am a senior in college studying dance at Georgian Court University. I…

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Broadway Bound

My name is Zuri Nkosi Terrell, a senior with a 3.7 average at St. Joseph’s College focusing on Theatre and Film. I have also been successful as a performer in stage productions, as a dancer, choreographer and in concerts, overcoming many obstacles. I am close to graduation but I need additional help.

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Help Yao Afoh Lydia Get Back in College!

My name is Yao Lydia and I am a former student at FAMU. Just before college I suffered the loss of my father. Due to post traumatic stress, I was unable to keep up with the rigors of college and was forced to leave. I am seeking assistance to fulfill my financial debt so I will be able to return to college.

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Help Seniors Achieve a College Education

L’Elegance Cotillion-Beautillion Beaus and Debutantes are on their way to college! These extraordinary seniors have excelled and strive to achieve a college education. We solicit your support as we strive to provide 100% of all raised funds to assist them in reaching their higher education goals.

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South Africa Study Abroad: Rape Culture and Women’s Empowerment

My name is Nichelle Brunner and I’m a student at Temple University. Please help me raise funds to help defray the costs of my exciting study abroad project in South Africa, where I will research a critical topic related to South African culture in post-apartheid society.

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Contribute to Deenie’s ALS Awareness Campaign

Help Support Deenie and her family as you learn more about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Our Sistah Friend Gardine “Deenie” Tiggle has been affected by ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This devastating illness slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

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Champion the ASA Restoration Project!

Hi I’m Tony Browder with the ASA Restoration Project. We are training the next generation of historians, archeologists, and Egyptologists, by providing scholarships to college students who will join us in our 2014 Study Tour and Excavation Mission. Your support will help make this possible. Continue reading

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Help Support My Road to Social Justice at A.U.

Attending American University in Washington, DC to study and prepare to be an international human rights lawyer is a dream come true. I have launched this campaign to assist me with financial obligations necessary to complete this year’s tuition and related expenses. I am Sarah Singer. Please help support me.

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Help Launch The African American Studies CommUniversity

I am Dr. Zachery Williams, Associate Professor of African American History and Pan African Studies at the University of Akron. This campaign is the first phase launch of an exciting concept – a CommUniversity, which will provide free and/or low-cost interactive seminars and courses.

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