What is SCHOLARgifts?

What is scholargiftsSCHOLARgifts is the educational funding platform that grows the tree of knowledge.  It provides the opportunity to receive online donations for diverse educational needs with no registration fee or complicated application process, no essay, and no recommendations.  All that is needed is the desire to succeed and the ability to tell a story in a way that will inspire others to donate.

“SCHOLAR” refers to anyone who has developed a campaign to fund a learning need. “Gifter” is anyone who donates to a Scholar’s Campaign.  Scholars show appreciation to Gifters with customized incentive rewards that can range from virtual hugs and kisses or academic updates, to a recital invitation or photos from study abroad.

As financial resources dry up and educational loans become more scarce, SCHOLARgifts has positioned you to benefit from the growing market shift toward collective fundraising in a unique way.  Crowdfunding is increasingly gaining in popularity and its successes mark it as the wave of the future. With SCHOLARgifts, there is a “crowd” of people interested in helping you succeed through online donations.  Individually, you are one drop but with SCHOLARgifts, you are an ocean.  With SCHOLARgifts, your Campaign will be highlighted and stand out to those most interested in seeding educational pursuits. With SCHOLARgifts, you have the opportunity to participate in a “gift pool” and receive bonus funding. With SCHOLARgifts, your potential for success is multiplied. With SCHOLARgifts, your dreams can come true.

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