Why SCHOLARgifts?

On the pileSCHOLARgifts!

With SCHOLARgifts, you can raise all or part of your educational funding need with no upfront fees or complicated application process, no essay and no recommendations!  All that is needed is your desire to succeed and the ability to tell your story in a way that inspires others to invest in making your learning a reality. Get Started!

Anyone who wants to support and encourage people — young, older, young at heart — to pursue their educational dreams and/or learn new information and skills will be able to do so through SCHOLARgifts.

Our funding platform is specifically tailored toward funding Scholar Campaigns encompassing, but not necessarily limited, to the below categories:


The Scholar shows appreciation to Gifters with customized perks, rewards, gifts or services. Appreciation can be as simple or innovative as desired. Examples could include an academic update each semester; a tee shirt or mug from college; a personalized tour of the campus for contributors; complimentary tutoring; invitation to a recital; pictures from Study Abroad; services offered by parents or other family members; mentoring; volunteer work; virtual hugs and kisses – your imagination is the limit!