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In the wonderful world of Mary Ada I am surrounded by so much love. I am the daughter of two loving parents Bartt and Donna Horton and I have two great loving and supportive big brothers Roy and Curtis Horton. I also have a wonderful sister-in-law thats always there for me Olayinka Horton. I have so many other loving family members, spiritual family, and friends. I love to read and write and I have my own blog! its called Mary's Mumbo Jumbo (the link is above). I also love dancing, I have been African dancing for my whole life and I will continue for the rest of my life. I also have started to pick up crocheting and its very relaxing while super fun and creative. I really enjoy having fun and comedy while some people tell me i'm quite the comedian. I love life and i'm living it one day at a time in an adventurous style.


MaryAda’s Going To College!!!!

Greetings, My Name is MaryAda Horton. I am a senior at Largo High School in Prince Georges County. In my last year at high school as colleges have started to accept me there are lots of things that…

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