Bitcoin price dives below $7,000

By Marou


The price of bitcoin, the red-hot digital coin, was trading down 4.47% on Friday morning at $6,812 a coin. 

bitcoinsmaster Since a plan to upgrade the coin’s network was called off, its price has experienced wild swings. 



 has been on a wild ride since a plan to help the red-hot coin scale was scraped. 

Backers of the so-called Segwit2x proposal were considering to split from bitcoin’s main blockchain network, but power-brokers behind the plan called off their support for the upgrade on Wednesday

. That means the network will remain intact — at least for now.

Initially, the news sent bitcoin up near $7,900 per coin.  Since then, however, it has tanked by nearly $1,100. On Friday morning bitcoin fell below $7,000, sliding to a low of $6,707.

It was trading down 4.47% at $6,812 at 10:23 AM EST, according to data from Markets Insider. 

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