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By Anthony Browder

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AnthonyBrowder_CampaignPhotoI’m Tony Browder Director of the ASA Restoration Project.

Since 2008, the ASA Restoration Project has funded the excavation of two 25th dynasty tombs on the west bank of Luxor, Egypt. We are the first African Americans to fund and fully participate in the excavation, conservation and restoration of Egyptian tombs.

We have made incredible progress over the past 5 years. During the 2013 season we completed the excavation of the tomb of the priest Karakhamun, and have restored his Spirit Door.

We also began excavating the sun court of the tomb of the state governor Karabasken and have made a number of incredible finds.Crowned Ausar - Illustration (2) The work that we are undertaking is helping us re-write the 2700 year-old history of the Kushite presence in ancient Egypt.

Our work has been acknowledged by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities and the Ministry of Tourism in 2012 and 2013.

In addition to excavating and restoring these ancient Kushite tombs we have sponsored annual Missions – consisting of volunteers who donate two weeks each summer helping us register, catalogue and photograph the 23,000 artifacts we’ve unearthed since 2008.

We are expanding our program for the coming season as we prepare to train the next generation of historians, archeologists and Egyptologists, by providing scholarships to college students who will join us in our 2014 Study Tour and Excavation Mission.

The ASA Restoration Project is using the SCHOLARGifts platform in an effort to raise $3000 to pay the transportation, lodging and meals for a student volunteer to join us for two weeks in Egypt next summer.

Your support of the ASA Restoration Project will help us change the life of a college student while contributing to the collective restoration of our Historical Memory.

We are offering great premiums for your contributions to this scholarship fund.  Help support a student and be a part of history.

If you would like more information on the groundbreaking work we are doing in Egypt, visit us online at

Your support for this work is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Anthony T. Browder
Director, ASA Restoration Project

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    All the above premiums plus an Excavation T-Shirt!

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    All the above premiums plus a DVD of the ASA Restoration Project!

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    All the above premiums plus a DVD of the ASA Restoration Project!