Broadway Bound

By Zuri Terrell

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Hi. My name is Zuri Nkosi Terrell. I am currently a senior at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, N.Y. majoring in Communications with a focus on Theatre and Film Minor. I have had a very successful time at St. Joseph’s as a student and also as a performer in stage productions, as a dancer, choreographer and in concerts.  In addition, I have been active as a writer and photographer for the school news paper, am on the Student Leadership Experience and a member of the Black Student Association, while maintaining a 3.7  G.P.A.

I have worked diligently to learn and perfect my skills in the areas of Theater and Film in both the front and back of the house.  I was recently the Production Assistant of the Indie film “In the Morning” by Nefertete Nguvu and am currently an intern with a major Talent Agency in Manhattan. I am also on the Brooklyn Presbyterian Choir C.D. project “Where I Am”.  In addition, I am employed during the school year and am a Disney Cast Member during school breaks and summers.

It is my goal to work on Broadway,  Stage, Film, Television, Music, and Voice Over productions.  I plan to create, develop and produce projects that touch the heart and soul of audiences.  I want my work to provide a window for people to view life from multiple perspectives and hopefully add something new to their vision.  I also plan to create and organize theater workshops for children and youth who have Autism and other developmental issues to help them find their voice.

I have over come many obstacles to reach this point. With the help of my family, prayer and determination, I am close to graduation but I need additional help. I really appreciate you taking the time to view my site.  A video is attached of me singing “Shadow Land” from the Lion King.  There are also a few photos of me performing and  some of me with Broadway celebrities.  There are some great “thank you” items  for your financial support featuring my photographs of sights and scenes of New York City, as well as my personal favorite,  autographed Broadway PlayBills from current shows.

Even if you can’t contribute money, you can contribute by sharing my campaign with your friends, family and social media. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!





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    1 NYC Photograph postcard by Zuri Terrell.

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    3 NYC Photograph postcards by Zuri Terrell.

  • 5 Backers

    5 NYC Photograph postcards by Zuri Terrell.

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    1 8x10 NYC Photo and 3 NYC postcards by Zuri Terrell.

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    1 8x10 NYC photo & 5 NYC postcards by Zuri Terrell.

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    1 signed Current Broadway Playbill and 3 NYC postcards by Zuri Terrell.

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    1 signed Current Broadway Playbill and 2 8x10 NYC Photos by Zuri Terrell.

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    2 signed Current Broadway Playbills, 2 8x10 NYC Photos and 1 Photo of Zuri with a celebrity autographed by Zuri.