MaryAda’s Going To College!!!!

Greetings, My Name is MaryAda Horton. I am a senior at Largo High School in Prince Georges County. In my last year at high school as colleges have started to accept me there are lots of things that…

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One More Hurdle to Clear: The Maryland Bar Exam

While graduating law school is an accomplishment in and of itself, the journey doesn’t stop there for me. As with most professions, there is an examination I must successfully complete before gaining admittance to…

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DEENIE – Close to Home: ALS and My Dying Mom

We have heard many stories about celebrities doing the #IcebucketChallenge- helping to raise over 62 million dollars. While it has been a brilliant way to spread awareness, how many stories have we heard about the people living with this disease? Well, meet my mother, Deenie.

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