Farm to Table Journey : “The Internship Dream”

By Anya Jean Peters

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My name is Anya Jean Peters. I am a lover of food, art and all in between.

I am hoping to raise $1,500 to (partially) fund my internship in San Francisco, California where the farm to table movement began. I hope to learn more about agriculture, how restaurants develop their menus and work with their local farms and communities to offer the freshest selection of sustainably grown foods. At One Market in San Francisco, I will recieve the upmost instruction and guidance from chef Mark Dommen and his team and will be exposed to techniques and ingredients I’ve never encountered. It is all very exciting and would not be possible without a little help from you. San Francisco is the most expensive city to live in America right now and my parents are not able to do it all by themselves. I am working the maximum hours a full time student here can work and even then it is not making ends meet. This 1500$ would really help to cover my transportation to and from work, various farms, and groceries for the three months. It will give me the opportunity to explore San Francisco, make connections and build my experience. I have two budding businesses, Well Done Dining and FIRE Magazine which would greatly benefit from a change of scenery and networking opportunities in SF.
Why do I love what I do? The expressions on people’s faces when they try my food. Content, delighted, blissful. The synergy and love that surrounds the dinner table, it is a thing of beauty and art. I’ve probably cooked for you at one point in my life – and if i have not, come down to my dinner table or I will set up shop in your kitchen!

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    A Well Done Dining Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner for 4(or 6) in the NY/NJ Area

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    A Pack of Original Well Done Dining Recipe Cards and Musical pairings

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    Culinary Institute of America Memorabilia

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