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Greetings Family, Friends and Kind Contributors!
Thank you for visiting my SCHOLARGIFTS.COM page!

My Name is Bakari Sibert and I am a Junior at Woodrow Wilson Senior High in Washington, DC. I have been invited to join the People to People Student Ambassador Program on their travel abroad program to Europe this summer. And I am seeking your support to make this trip happen.

Each summer since 8th grade I have worked full time. My jobs have included DC Mayors Youth Leadership Program, and Lifeguard at DC Public Schools. This is my last summer before I graduate, I will take advantage of the opportunity to travel internationally. It is my intention that my travels serve as an opportunity for me to expand my experience with other cultures and lifestyles. The People to People program isn’t just about visiting other countries, there is an academic component, a social component and an opportunity to be of service as a student ambassador. I know I am a leader…a global leader.

I am a graduate of the Ankobea Rites of Passage Program where I was taught to be of good character. I have been described by my teachers and other community leaders as: competent, mature, intelligent and a good example to my peers. I believe I will represent myself, my community and my country well in my pursuit of global leadership.

I have saved $1700 from my summer job employment last summer. My goal with this campaign is to raise $1000 but I actually need $3500.  Please help me raise the $3500 needed.  I only have 40 days to accomplish this. My mother has asked me to focus on school at this time, so I am not working to supplement my trip fees. So I am asking for your support. I appreciate every contribution!




  1. Nadine Chapman

    Dear Bakari,

    I am so excited for you as you embark
    on this program! It sounds wonderful.
    I am very proud of you. Keep striving.

    Best regards,
    Nadine Chapman and Family

  2. Bakari Sibert

    Thank you for supporting me Mrs. Chapman. I appreciate your support.

  3. T.Diggs

    The Diggs family is so proud of you Bakari!!! Have a safe, Blessed and life changing journey!

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