Jazmine’s Dream

By Jazmine Monae

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Hello supporters!  My name is Jazmine Monae Brooks and I am a senior in college studying dance at Georgian Court University. I am scheduled to graduate in December of 2014. Throughout my college career I have been pushing myself to enhance not only my technical abilities as a dancer but also my performance quality when presenting myself to an audience. Within the past two years at GCU I have been focusing on where exactly I see myself as a dancer and who I could see myself working with. In March of this year my University attended ACDFA which is a college dance festival, where I encountered Carl Rogers recognized my talent throughout the entirety of the college festival and personally sent recommendations to Bates Dance Festival so I may possibly have the opportunity of attending.

 I say all of this to ask you generous supporters to help me fund my trip because although I have received a full tuition scholarship I still need to pay for housing as well as plane tickets. Bates Dance Festival offers housing that includes a meal plan for $1500, which will cover living and food for the entirety of the program. My plane ticket round trip will probably cost me about $800-$900. The extra money from the fundraising will be for emergencies as well as personal funding needs. With the help of all of you I will not only get to further my learning and performance capabilities as a dancer but I will be one more step closer to living my dream as a professional dancer. The hardest part about becoming a professional dancer is having the opportunity for people to want you, and already I have accomplished this. Applicants worldwide submit applications for scholarships from this program and they have chosen me as one of the recipients. 

Please spread the word out and make some noise about my campaign so I may have as much support that I can get hold of.  If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact me through email monaebrooks922@gmail.com. I will have videos and pictures posted so you do not only hear how much I want this but so I may show you how much I want this!

With Love, Jazmine Monae


This campaign has been extended until July 27th! There is still time to contribute.

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