A Journey to Make PTSD and Depression Recoverable

By Jasmine Engleton

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My name is Jasmine Renne Engleton and I am an incoming freshman at UMBC. I was born in El Paso, Texas. I had to endure hardships, tragedy and even depression in my short 18 years of life. But I’m here to be a living testimony to determination, passion and drive to prosper and help the world with mental strongholds that we call mental disorders.

In June 2011, I had to endure the most tragic experience of losing my mother. She was murdered by my own father. He stabbed over 30 times due to his mental strongholds and culminating issues with being possessive and controlling, ultimately becoming a murderer. My world was completely turned around, I had lost my mother, my best friend. All I could think about was : death and suicide.  I had to seek counseling. Through counseling and my growing interest in the effects of life altering expirences on our mind, I began my first psychological study of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I started looking at the different treatment methods from the biological and psychological viewpoints. I was able to write my Extended Essay on two treatment method, pharmaceuticals (SSRIs) and exposure therapy, for PTSD, receiving a commendable score on my paper. Through high school, I nurtured my interest in psychology, reading literature based on the understanding of mental disorders and other psychological studies such as the origin of fear.  Through my education at UMBC, I seek to become wholly enriched in the psychological research and study that will help me discover new methods of treatment for mental disorders. I have a deep interest in mental disorders such as Multiple Personality Disorder, PTSD and Paranoid Schizophrenia. As a child growing up with a mentally unstable father, who was controlling, self-centered and unfortunately mistreated as a child, gives me experience and insight into individuals who believe they have no purpose in life other than to destroy others. I believe that with my education in psychology I will be able to be a testimony for another child who doesn’t believe they can make a difference in their community. I believe that everything, drive, strength, and determination starts in the mind. To be able to help individuals struggling with mental strongholds is something I believe as a calling for my life.With your help in any way possible, I see my dreams of curing mental disorders, providing proper treatment methods, and making breakthrough in the field of clinical psychology, a reality.

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