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By Kamaria

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My name is Kamaria. I am a Junior at Central State University. These previous semesters have been an adventure. I have overcome many obstacles. I have been trying to keep money in my pockets as well as work towards getting my degree. It has not been easy, but with the grace of God I pulled through. Central State has helped me with my leadership skills, and has made me want to take a stand, be active and do more. Growing up I have been independent. I have always worked to get what I want and need. I work hard on my studies, and on the winter and summer breaks I work at Chopt, Wal Mart, and recently achieved my Lifeguard certification.  In school I don’t have time to work because I need the time to study. I try to do hair on the side, but even that takes up so much time from the time I could use to study or do an extracurricular activity.  Upon returning from my freshman year, I found that my mom moved to Atlanta without me. My dad was taken away from me and incarcerated throughout most of my childhood. This is how I came to be declared by the court as an emancipated teenager. Being a court ordered emancipated minor, I am on my own to fund my college education. It is not easy, therefore I am requesting your assistance to help me. I will be the first in my immediate family to achieve a Bachelors Degree.  I love my HBCU, and I would love to continue on.  My ultimate goal of $15,000 will allow me to complete the next two years. Please help me greatly surpass my $3500 limited goal which will help with books and expenses this semester.  Thank you.


  1. Nkechi Taifa Nkechi Taifa

    Kamaria, you have quite a compelling story. I admire your perseverance and commitment to complete your education. I saw you working at the new Walmart on Georgia Ave. earlier this year and was very impressed with your determination to succeed. Yejide Sekou and I have combined a little donation for you and hope it will inspire others to contribute to your education as well. All the best to you and your future!

  2. Winifred Wright

    Keep up the dedicated commitment to finish college. I have your back. My back to school gift for you is a semester worth of laundry products because I know from experience this is what comes in especially handy on campus. Be blessed.
    Mama Winni

  3. Roseanna Nwaogu

    Continue making us proud. We got your back. God Bless You. Though I don’t do online financing, I am giving you a $100 check for your back to school gift.
    Mama Roseanna

  4. Preston Sarratt

    I read your story, and I commend you for your strong desire to succeed in college. I’ve sent you a $25 check to help you with your books.
    Be Blessed,
    Preston Sarratt

  5. Hadiya & Homer Billups

    You have done well with all you had to go through. We are so proud of you, young lady. Here is a little something to help out. I’ve sent a check because I don’t send money online.
    Mama Hadiya & Baba Billups

  6. Virginia Jones

    Dear Kamaria,
    Hope you have a wonderful and successful school year. I send this $50 check with my love and support for you.

    Mama Aziza
    (Mrs. Jones)

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