Help Support My Road to Social Justice at A.U.

By Sarah Singer

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Sarah Singer

My Inspiration

Being a world traveler has inspired me to help create peaceful, respectful and meaningful relationships with people around the globe from China, Europe, Ghana, Canada and various parts of the United States, Puerto Rico, the deep south—Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, and others.

I am a freshman at American University in Washington, D. C.

It is a dream come true to attend this premier institution of which I have the privilege to study and prepare to become an International Human Rights Lawyer.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to utilize this NEW platform of SCHOLARgifts  to launch this campaign to assist me with the  financial obligations that come with attending American University. It is my goal to raise $3,000.00 to complete the remaining balance of this year’s 2013/14 tuition and other expenses.

A Dream Come True

As I pursue my dream of practicing International Human and Civil Rights law, I know the country’s premier school of international studies at American University will equip me for what lies ahead. My major is International Studies and minor is Law and Society. Aside from my academic coursework, getting involved in first-year learning communities will allow me to make the interdisciplinary connections that I will need for a higher education, specifically, the Social Justice living learning community.  American’s global research, service opportunities and many Institutes will help me broaden my own horizons. I love being in Washington D.C., and the city’s diversity and culture will allow me to appropriately balance my academic and extra-curricular pursuits. My long-term career goals are to work for the United Nations, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and/or Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The steps I am currently taking to pursue these aspirations are building my resume and professional network while applying for internships with social justice organizations and law firms. International Human and Civil Rights law is a mountain that some will find impossible to climb, however quitting is never an option; regardless of the financial setbacks or the unwilling responses of ‘NO’ time after time. I am equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to excel past all obstacles that will stand in my way, because I have a plan fueled by my ambition and drive while standing boldly on the platform of my faith.

How You Can Help

I am looking forward to the challenges of this year, but without your help I cannot reach my goal. Any amount you are able to give is appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Lovella Singer

    Sarah Singer is my girl

    Thank you to all those who created this awesome website.

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