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The Power Within SoulFest is a self-help initiative tailored for the Black community, promoting African wholistic health  focusing on loving self and strengthening Black male/female relationships, while assisting healers to make what they love to do their full-time career.  The healing must be a wholistic process, healing the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, we committed to bringing the healers in our community together to provide healing services to our people. You are invited to support this business crowdfunding campaign! GREAT incentives for donating.

The Power Within SoulFest Series & Healing Marketplace is a one-stop monthly event of health & relationship workshops and healing marketplace, with a powerhouse of dynamic, renowned Black community wholistic healers & educators dedicated to our community. Each month, attendees will be able to go to attend workshops and a free healing marketplace, where for the cost of one doctor’s visit, customers will be able to receive therapies from those doing healing work in our communities, such as acupuncture treatment, a massage, reflexology, a spiritual/astrological reading, herbal remedies, body/hair care products, a book, vitamins and something to eat, at the Power Within SoulFest Workshop Series & Healing Marketplace.

In the spirit of Kujichagulia/Self-determination and Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics, we are asking you to make an investment/contribution to help cover the start-up costs of operations of the Power Within Healing Institute over the next 12 months, so we can continue to bring healing and empowering events to, and share resources, with our community.

The Power Within SoulFest is not be your typical health expo! The Power Within SoulFest Expo will be an annual 12-month journey with monthly workshops and support groups, encouraging our guests to form accountability partnerships within a supportive community, as we embark on changing our lives for the better.

The monthly workshop series addresses three key areas of life:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Male/Female Relationships
  • Empowering our Children

The three components of each series are:

  • Workshops on health & wellness and Black male/female love relationships
  • Healing Zone
  • Children Zone

On April 11, 2015, we had our kick-off event, the Power Within SoulFest Expo, in Silver Spring, MD and it was well received and generated a demand for more. The Black community came out in large numbers and received a host of healing treatments. See testimonials below.

The kick-off initiative was a jump-start for the Power Within Healing Institute, a clearing house of healing information and learning opportunity, designed to build relationships with organizations, businesses and groups interested in assisting with the healing of people of African descent. We stepped out on faith with this initiative without a real budget nor are we interested in funding from mainstream corporations, business or organizations; we believe that we must be responsible for our own healing, especially healing from the traumas of post-slavery traumatic syndrome, which is the root cause for many of our illnesses, pathologies and dysfunctional relationships. We feel compelled to be about the business of healing for our own people.

Power Within SoulFest 2015Power Within SoulFest 2015

The vision is of monthly mini-expos, providing a day full of healing, guiding our guests to tap into the God power within; the power of love; and the ancient wisdom and sacred sciences of our African ancestors, in order to experience deep healing from post-slavery trauma syndrome and/or deeply-rooted childhood and sexual abuse traumas. These types of trauma requires that healing must occur on a deep cellular level, focusing on the God energy within to move forward in life recharged, to re-creating ourselves towards transformation, renewal and empowerment. This initiative has the potential to help do just that and be a truly life-changing experience.

The mission is to promote and bring the healers and spiritual practitioners to the people, to help heal our community, and foster entrepreneurial success for all those involved in doing the healing work, in the process.

In the spirit of Kujichagulia/Self-determination and Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics, we are asking you to make an investment/contribution to this  Power Within initiative, so we can continue to bring healing and empowering information to our community.



The PowerWithInFest is a testimony of when two or more are gathered to create a community the potential to create what is possible is unlimited and unbounded. Ashe’ ~Baba Heru


“The Power Within Soulfest was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Wow. To be seated amongst the most genuine, Culturally centered Healers in the DMV was not only an honor, but affirming!!!

To connect with my community and be surrounded by knowledge and healing gifts… Simply elevating.

I received Auricular Acupuncture, a body massage, learned about my Numerological makeup and astrological outline, I danced and meditated with the children, Belly danced with Sistas and learned the healing power of Tantra

I felt all the love, I learned so much, and connected with Brothas and Sistas that with nurtured relationships will manifest Amazing outcomes for our community and self. You are amazing, thank you for bringing your vision forward!!!” ~Shawna Murray-Browne


“The Children’s programs were so beautiful, inspiring and plentiful! This event was so incredibly powerful. I have yet to come to an event where I can drop my child off and they be fully engaged in Yoga, storytelling & music, Capoeira, Nigerian AfroBeat dancing and movement meditation. Parents could attend their workshops while the kids were well taken care of. This was one of the most enlightening events that I have been graced to be a part of. We cannot wait for the next PWSF!!!” ~Dr. Tracee Jamison-Hooks


“Beautiful event. Thank you for giving us this space and opportunity to learn, share, and heal with each other!!! Looking forward to next year.” ~Sista Yaa


Thank you for putting on this event. I learned a lot and was reminded of things I forgot. ~Tina

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