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The Brave Heart Entrepreneurial Youth Camp is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit.  We provide year-round enrichment opportunities targeting African American youth.  Our mission is to prepare our youth for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever by equipping them with relevant entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge that will give them an alternative option for creating a healthy, happy, and prosperous life for themselves.

The Brave Heart Entrepreneurial Youth Camp has emerged over the last five years as an alternative educational option that is committed to using proven educational methods that strive to achieve positive outcomes such as:

1. Increased economic literacy and freedom

2. Increased self-esteem

3. Improved math, reading, and writing scores

4. Inspire at risk youth to stay in school

5. Combat involvement in negative activities, such as substance abuse and violence

6. Reduce likelihood of teen pregnancy

7. Inspire the desire for higher education

8. Increase career opportunities

As we work to build our financial capacity through a variety of funding sources.  The funds raised through this campaign  and your generosity will support the organizations mission by helping defray some of our  2015 administrative cost and provide the organization with needed capital to purchase essential supplies.   Thank you for interest and support, we know that without donors like you we could not  do this great work.  It Truly Takes a Brave Heart…

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