Frequently Asked Questions

What is SCHOLARgifts?

SCHOLARgifts provides a crowdfunding platform specifically targeted as the perfect online vehicle for family, friends, teachers, mentors, co-workers, neighbors & complete strangers to donate monetary gifts for scholarly purposes, in exchange for customized appreciation rewards and the satisfaction of investing in lifelong learning. Funding for scholar proposals require no fee or application process, no essay and no recommendations! All that is needed is the desire to succeed and the ability to tell your story in a way that will inspire others to invest in making your future a reality. Click here to get started.

Who is Eligible to Start a Campaign?

To be eligible to post a SCHOLARgifts campaign you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to post a SCHOLARgifts campaign. (Parents or other adults can launch Campaigns in collaboration with youth under 18, provided that the adult registers for SCHOLARgifts  and is in charge of running the Campaign itself).
  • You must have a U.S. Social Security number or EIN.
  • You must have a U.S. address

How Do I Create My Scholar Campaign?

It is easy and free to create your campaign. Simply tell your story by introducing yourself and your background, briefly describe your need, establish your funding goal, and offer creative ways to show appreciation to your gifters. Include a picture and short bio; a video can be very helpful.  Make sure you share your Scholar Proposal with teachers, family and relatives, friends, co-workers and neighbors, as well as with those businesses and professionals you or your family patronize such as your doctor, lawyer, dentist, hairdresser, barber, auto mechanic, plumber etc.  Click HERE for a step by step guide to getting started.

Is There a Cost to the Scholar to Start a Campaign?

There is no fee to become a Scholar and post a SCHOLAR Campaign. SCHOLARgifts utilizes a flexible funding formula. If you reach your funding goal, you will receive all of the funds raised, minus a 5% administrative service fee which will be retained by SCHOLARgifts.  If you do not reach your goal, the service fee is 8%, but you get to keep all of the funds you have raised from your gifters.  There is a separate service charge connected with WePay.

Do I Need a WePay Account to Create a Scholar Campaign?

Yes, to receive funds you will need a WePay account.  It is free to set up and very straightforward.  It will generally take up to a couple of days for a new WePay account to be verified, so please schedule that into your planning. The verification process generally entails WePay making two small deposits into your bank account, which you verify receipt of.  That way WePay will know that the deposits it will make into your account from your donors will actually reach you.

What is the Funding Goal and Campaign Deadline?

You are required to set a specific funding goal for your Campaign and a time limit to meet this goal.  Campaigns cannot be set to last longer than 60 days. The Campaign deadline is the last date by which donors can contribute financial gifts toward your funding goal. Studies have shown that campaigns that end in 30 days have the best chance of success.

Can Scholars Raise More Funds Than Their Stated Goal?

Yes, absolutely. Campaigns can accumulate gifts right up to the deadline date.  So even if you reach your target funding goal, don’t stop spreading the word!

What Media Options are Available in Creating a Campaign?

You may use videos/images/audio from any of the following sites:






What Are Customized Appreciation Rewards?

Scholars can show appreciation to their gifters with customized perks, rewards and services.  You can be as simple or innovative as you desire.  Examples can include an academic update each semester; a tee shirt or mug from your college; a personalized tour of the campus for contributors; complimentary tutoring; invitation to a recital; pictures from Study Abroad; services offered by parents or other family members; mentoring; volunteer work; virtual hugs and kisses – your imagination is your limit!

Who is Responsible for Delivering the Customized Appreciation Rewards?

Scholars are fully responsible for delivering the rewards set out in their Campaign, and by the time they have designated.  SCHOLARgifts simply provides the platform to facilitate the customized appreciation rewards scholars have featured. If the scholar is unable to deliver rewards as set out in his/her Campaign page, the scholar may be in breach of consumer law and possibly responsible for providing a full refund to the gifters.

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