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An Opportunity of a Lifetime. Help me travel to Paris.

Hello my name is Zachary Simmons. I am a Sophomore at Great Mills High School. At school I am on the Football, wrestling and track team. Now I have been granted the opportunity to travel on a 7 day educational tour to Paris with my French class. Anyone can see the world, but this tour promises that we will experience it. For me, this trip is a chance of a lifetime. Please help me pack my suitcase.

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Help Mariama Join the 26th Caravan

      This summer I was presented with the opportunity to join IFCO/Pastors for Peace for the 26th “Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba.”  My prior travels to Cuba in 2013 and 2014 were for self-education, but never…

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Create a limitless future

Help fund a summer program that uses science and math to transform at-risk students into successful students. Last year’s pilot…

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MaryAda’s Going To College!!!!

Greetings, My Name is MaryAda Horton. I am a senior at Largo High School in Prince Georges County. In my last year at high school as colleges have started to accept me there are lots of things that…

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Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Our vision is for entrepreneurship education to be an integral part in the educational development of all youth, especially those that are at a disadvantage and least likely to have access to sufficient entrepreneurship education resources.

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resized Ife & Kenya

My first trip to KENYA!!!

My name is Ife. I have the opportunity to travel to my homeland: Africa this spring, with my school. We are going to Kenya, and it is a 10 day trip during my spring break.  There is $2,250 due this November,…

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7-Year Medical Program

My name is Martha Cobbinah.  I’m 17 years old.  As far back as I can remember, learning has been a joy in my life.   I’m a self-taught violinist and a highest  honor…

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Inner City Youth become Global Environmental Experts

Dueling Creek Academy of Leadership in Environmental Science and Fine Arts is a  startup looking for seed funding to establish our organization, implement educational programs, field studies, and equipment/supplies.  H. Nelson Jackson said it…

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DEENIE – Close to Home: ALS and My Dying Mom

We have heard many stories about celebrities doing the #IcebucketChallenge- helping to raise over 62 million dollars. While it has been a brilliant way to spread awareness, how many stories have we heard about the people living with this disease? Well, meet my mother, Deenie.

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In Memoriam for Eddie Ellis – Support the Academy for Human Justice

Eddie Ellis, co-founder of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, Inc. passed on July 24, 2014. With his transition, the movement lost a powerful voice for human justice. Help his legacy live on by making a donation in his memory toward the creation of the Eddie Ellis Academy for Human Justice.

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