ACADEMICS – SCHOLARgifts approves campaigns involving academics, including, but not limited to:  books, supplies and materials, college and university tuition credits, graduate school, K-12 private school fees, pre-school and early childhood education, home schooling, continuing education, special education, distance and online learning, tutoring costs, scholarships and grants, tuition assistance, college savings plans, and short-term student loan repayment.

ENRICHMENT – SCHOLARgifts approves campaigns involving enrichment, including, but not limited to:  after-school programs, artistic programs, music programs, rites of passage programs, cultural activities, summer and other camps, physical education & fitness programs, conferences and workshops.

RESEARCH & STUDY –  SCHOLARgifts approves campaigns involving study and research including, but not limited to:  internships and externships, study abroad programs, educational travel, research projects, science projects, and field trips.

TRAINING & LICENSES – SCHOLARgifts approves campaigns involving funds for training and licenses including, but not limited to: test preparation courses and exam fees (e.g. PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, bar exam, medical boards, etc.); certification training (e.g. real estate, cosmetology/barbering, plumbing & air conditioning, auto mechanics), and professional and trade license fees.

OTHER EDUCATION-RELATED PROJECTS – SCHOLARgifts’ funding categories are merely suggestive of areas we are likely to approve.  Feel free to be creative in designing your campaign. As long as you can articulate a purpose that can be reasonably related to education, your project will likely be approved.  For example, a campaign for funding to build a website, in and of itself, would not fall within our guidelines.  However, funding to build a website which will educate the community about climate control could be approved.  Likewise, payment for an annual gym membership would not be approved.  However, a gym where you will take self-defense classes so you can learn to better protect yourself could be.  The important thing is to clearly state the connection or relationship between your proposed campaign and your educational pursuit.



  1. Nik Reid

    We have a real estate brokerage and construction company, whose mission is the creation of affordable housing in the Washington, DC metro area. We have a limited amount of support through a soft loan from Washington, DC but we are still faced with a short fall in our project budget. I would like to explore learning how to cover the necessary gap shortage.

    • scholargift scholargift

      Nik, as long as you can articulate a reasonable educational purpose connected with your mission to create affordable housing, your funding proposal is likely to be approved. Give it some thought and submit the Campaign Proposal form. If we have questions or concerns, we will contact you. Thank you for considering SCHOLARgifts for your funding need.

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